# Searchbar Features

In Searchbar, search features such as Quick Search, Search Shortcut, and others are displayed.
You can set ON/OFF for each Searchbar item to be displayed and change order in: User Settings > List > Search

You can execute Quick Search by entering the word you would like to search.

  1. Enter word you would like to search in the form and press Enter key or click search button.
  2. Study that match the search criteria are displayed.


The intended item for search and match criteria (perfect, partial, etc.) can be set in: User Settings > List > Search > Searchbar > Quick Search

You can execute Search by date range with entering start date and end date of Study Date.

  1. Click "Start Date" and the calender is displayed. Select a Start Date from the calendar.
  2. When "Start Date" is specified, the same date as the Start Date is automatically entered in "End Date".
  3. If you would like to select a different date from the Start Date, click "End Date" from the calendar to select an End Date.
  4. Search is executed with the selected "Start Date" and "End Date", and Studies for the specified date range are displayed in Study List.

# Search Shortcut

Search criteria can be registered in advance and be displayed as button in Searchbar.
By clicking the registered button, you can execute search with any criteria.


Search Shortcut can be set in: User Settings > List > Search > Searchbar > Search Shortcut