# 3.2.0 (2018-11-12)

# New features:

  • On List page, it can import JPEG/PNG/BMP/PDF file by converting to DICOM file.
  • On List page, it can add JPEG/PNG/BMP/PDF file to existing Study as Series by converting to DICOM file (Feature name is "Add").
  • On List page, when importing DICOM files, it can edit information (Patient ID, Patient Name, Accession Number, and AE Title).
  • On Report page, it can export PDF file.
  • On PACS Manager, it can set automatic backup of database file.
  • On Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Authentication is available.

# Improvements:

  • On List page, AE Title and Performing Physician Name are available.
  • On List page, progress rate is availale for features of Edit, Delete, Import, Export, and Forward.
  • On Viewer page, Toolbar can be switched show/hide (Alt +t).
  • On Viewer page, full-screen mode is available (Alt + f).
  • On Viewer page, various items can be switched show/hide by using Keyboard shortcuts.
  • On Viewer page, action of PgUp and PgDn in Keyboard shortcuts has been changed.
  • When opening Report page via URL, it can use Accession Number.

# Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug that login by using encryption method does not work correctly.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes edited information gets text garbling in List page.
  • Fixed bug that Modality information of Series cannot be edited in List page.
  • Fixed bug that sort by PatientAge does not work correctly in List page (it needs to import all Studies again).
  • Fixed bug that Pie Charts in Dashboard page are not drawn correctly.
  • Fixed bug that edit of Window/Level Preset does not work correctly.
  • According to change of Google Chrome specification, some Keyboard Shortcuts have been changed.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.

# Others:

  • Multi-monitor support and Key images of Report are postponed.