# 3.0.0 (2018-06-12)

SonicDICOM PACS 3.0.0 is released.
It has been a long run, with a lot of achievements, feedbacks and warm supports!

SonicDICOM PACS is the software that combines the capabilities of DICOM Server with web-based DICOM Viewer.
It focuses on simplicity, user-friendly interface and fast browsing.
Minimal setup helps you focus on your work.

# What's new in 3.0?

The biggest change is that the fact you can customize it in various ways to meet your individual needs.
For example, you can change the user interface to your own language.
You can also hide the features you do not use, change the layout and order of the buttons, etc.
Administrator can control user permissions such as available features and Studies they can browse.
Also, distributors can change the product name and sell it as a product of their own brand.

# Major new features & improvements

  • Localization including multilingual support
  • Various customizations by User Settings
  • Setting account permissions
  • Control Study that can be browsed by setting "Referring Physician Name"
  • White Label option (change brand name)
  • Support for displaying on Tablet
  • Autosave of Annotation
  • Annotation: Text
  • Export JPEG/BMP file
  • Report: print/save as PDF
  • Other various features and improvements

# Languages currently available

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

# What's next?

# New documentations

We are currently updating the whole documentation for new version 3.
Install Manual and DICOM Conformance Statement are now available.
Users Manual is in preparation. If you have any questions about usage, please let us know without any hesitation.
Moreover, API document for programmers is planning to be published in the future.

# Better release rate

Our release rate is going to be higher.
Major updates will be released once a month. It brings new features and improvements.
Also we will keep providing minor updates including bug fixes and small improvements.
You can get all the up-to-the-minute information on our Release Notes, Twitter, Facebook and Email.

# Upcoming features & improvements

  • Multi-monitor support (available only for Windows OS)
  • Report: add signature, customize letterhead, and key images
  • Grid layout by Image level (currently only Series level is available)
  • Search by AE Titles
  • SonicDICOM Media Viewer version 3 will be released
  • Support for displaying on Smartphone
  • Modality Worklist Management (MWM)
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve to third party's PACS
  • DICOM Print and Paper Print
  • And other requested features and improvements will be implemented

# To Add Translations

You can provide your language translation and we will apply it to our product.
When you would like to provide it, please do let us know. We will guide you necessary information.

# Thank you

We would like to thank all of you for using SonicDICOM PACS for helping us by giving feedbacks, providing translations and every support. It means a lot for us!