2.0.0 Preview (2015-12-25)

New features:

  • CT Value
  • Measurement: Arrow
  • Measurement: Ellipse
  • Measurement: Rectangle
  • Real-World Zoom
  • W/L Presets
  • W/L Curve
  • Pseudo Color
  • Image Interpolation
  • Upload function of DICOM file from web browser
  • Set the Overlay display
  • Set the default Interpolation Method
  • Hide patient information
  • Set the color and size of the Overlay or Annotation
  • Set up multiple Backup Paths


  • The performance has been greatly improved.
  • The user interface has been greatly modified.
  • Made the program a Windows service.
  • Began offering a 64bit edition.
  • The method of integrating with the third party's application has been changed.

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected an error where part of an image could not be read