# DICOM File

As a result of scanning medical images with CR, CT, MRI, etc., DICOM File is generated.
DICOM File includes not only scanned image data but also "DICOM tags" that have various information relating to patient and an examinations and file information.
Examples of DICOM tags are as below.

  • PatientID
  • PatientName
  • StudyDescription
  • BodyPartExamined
  • InstitutionName
  • TransferSyntaxUID
  • ImplementationClassUID

The number of DICOM tags is extremely large and intended purposes are also various.
It includes not only information of patient and examination but also name of medical imaging equipment and facility.
Also, communication way to send file, the compressed format, and various information are included as well.
Besides, there are "Private Tags" that is defined by modality manufacturers uniquely.

There are modalities that can generate DICOM File with waveform data and audio data as well as image data.
Extension of the DICOM File is usually ".dcm" or ".DCM", but in some cases, it does not have any extension.