# DICOM Server

DICOM Server is used for storing and managing scanned image data generated by modality.
DICOM Server receives DICOM file from various modality in hospital, and it creates a database that is based on information of patient and examination included in DICOM file.
Collecting examination data of hospital to a DICOM Server, and creating a database make it easy to manage DICOM file and search it.
DICOM communication is used for exchanging file between modality and a DICOM Server.
Information of database that DICOM Server manages can be browsed by using DICOM Viewer.

DICOM Server of SonicDICOM PACS supports the following features.

  • Patient Root Query/Retrieve Model - FIND
  • Patient Root Query/Retrieve Model - MOVE
  • Study Root Query/Retrieve Model - FIND
  • Study Root Query/Retrieve Model - MOVE