# Available Keys and Operators in List

In List (/viewer/#/list), the following keys can be used as search criteria.
Also, if you use more than one parameter, please insert "&" between each parameter.

Item Key Example
Study Instance UID studyinstanceuid studyinstanceuid=1.2.392.200224.2.3000.8001
Series Instance UID seriesinstanceuid seriesinstanceuid=1.2.392.200224.3.3000.8002
SOP Instance UID sopinstanceuid sopinstanceuid=1.2.392.200224.3.3000.8003
Patient ID patientid patientid=12345
Patient Name patientname patientname=john
Patient Comments patientcomments patientcomments=something
Patient Birth Date patientbirthdate patientbirthdate=1990/04/01
Patient Sex patientsex patientsex=m
Study Description studydescription studydescription=something
Study ID studyid studyid=123456
Study Date studydate studydate=2018/01/23
Study Time studytime studytime=10:56:20
Accession Number accessionnumber accessionnumber=20180123001
Series Number seriesnumber seriesnumber=1
Series Date seriesdate seriesdate=2018/01/23
Series Time seriestime seriestime=10:56:20
Series Description seriesdescription seriesdescription=something
Modality modality modality=mr
Body Part Examined bodypartexamined bodypartexamined=knee

In List (/viewer/#/list), you can use the following operators.

Item Operator
Equal = or ===
Not Equal =!=
Greater Than =>>
Greater Than Or Equal =>=
Less Than =<<
Less Than Or Equal =<=
Contains =**

# Exception

For item of Patient ID & Modality, OR search is available by specifying as follows.


For item of StudyDate, Range search is available by specifying as follows.


For item of StudyDate, you can specify special values like followings.