# Import DICOM Files

By using import feature of PACS Manager, you can import DICOM file directly.
You can browse imported DICOM file on DICOM Viewer of SonicDICOM PACS.

If you do not have any DICOM file, you can download sample DICOM files from the following download page.
https://sonicdicom.com/downloads/ (opens new window)

# How to import

To use import feature, SonicDICOM PACS must be running.
Please start up PACS Manager, and please check the status of Windows Service "DICOMApp" is Running.

Please click "Browse...", and then a dialogue "Browse For Folder" will open.
Please select a folder that includes DICOM file you will import.
After selecting a folder, please click "OK".

If you need to import DICOM file in sub-folders, please put a check "Include sub-folders".

Once you click "Import", PACS Manager will start importing DICOM file in the selected folder.

After import is done, the following message will appear.
To close a dialogue, please click "Close".